What Our Clients Say About Us

Reviewed by Brian Morris - CEO on Jun 17, 2016

All leather office chairs started to look dull and like they were going to fall apart. It was just a year or so after we bought them. I was told that leather needs regular care and conditioning, so I decided to leave it to the professionals. Now, they come once a month to take care of the leather upholstery. I must say, the chairs look as good as new!

Reviewed by Roger Marshall - property owner on Apr 7, 2016

I am extremely happy with Brent & Partners Office Cleaning and its regular carpet cleaning service for my office building. Now, all carpets and mats are always clean. There is no sign of stains, and even the high traffic entrance area looks spotless. Plus, the price they give me is the best around!

Reviewed by Peter Brian - Manager on Jan 5, 2016

The carpets in my office were becoming stained and soiled. I was afraid I would need to invest into new ones. Thanks to my wife, though, I contacted this cleaning company and it just solved all my problems like one-two-three! The carpeting looks as good as new. The cleaners come in twice a month on a weekend, and when we come back to work on Monday, everything smells fresh and clean.

Reviewed by Lily Brown - Office Manager on Nov 2, 2015

The leather sofa and armchairs in our conference room were starting to look really dirty, so my boss assigned me to look for someone to clean them. I found Brent & Partners Office Cleaning and my boss was so happy with me. The regular upholstery cleaning provided by this cleaning company made the furniture look like new.

Reviewed by Pauline Watts - company owner on Feb 9, 2015

Our company is working towards becoming a completely Green business. That's why we wanted to find a cleaning company to take care of our carpets in an eco-friendly way. We were impressed by the cleaning provided by this cleaning company. They use all-natural solutions, the effect is absolutely amazing. One remark only - it'd be better if the cleaners were a bit more friendly.

Reviewed by William Hornsby - Hotel Manager on Apr 14, 2014

The carpets and rugs in our hotel look as beautiful and as sparkling as ever, thanks to the regular carpet cleaning provided by the fellows from Brent & Partners Office Cleaning. Friendly and professional, they don’t waste time and provide us with a superb cleaning service. Will definitely be sticking to their services!

Reviewed by Paul Fox - estate agency manager on Mar 28, 2014

We have been using Brent & Partners Office Cleaning’s one off carpet cleaning services for more than 5 years for our properties and customers. We have never had a single complaint about the quality of the services provided. We love the personalised attention, as well as the useful customer care service. Most of all we like the amazing prices they are charging us as regular customers!

Reviewed by Penny Parker - Office Assistant on Jul 16, 2013

My boss has a quite expensive Persian rug in his office. When he asked me to find someone to clean it, I was really nervous about finding someone who I could trust it to. I was recommended this company by a close friend and decided to take the risk of booking their services. The lady on the phone was not quite helpful and I had to talk with someone else... In the everything went OK. Thank you!

Reviewed by Marianne Hill - shop owner on May 20, 2013

My small shop really needed some cleaning up. I turned to Brent & Partners Office Cleaning to come and do a one-off carpet cleaning for my wall to wall carpeting. They came on Saturday and actually managed to remove the stains and clean up the soiled areas and the entire carpet in less than 2 hours. I am so happy with the result. Now it smells and looks much better and my customers have been noticing that. I will be using their services again, given the quality and the great price!