One-off office carpet cleaning

Do you need a reliable service to get your office carpets back in top shape? Brent & Partners provides professional carpet cleaning services to commercial premises in London. We can clean before and after office hours for your convenience. We can also come on weekends and bank holidays to deep clean your carpets and rugs. By hiring our one-off carpet cleaning service, you will get:Office rug cleaning

  • Reliable customer support
  • Insured service
  • Stain removal included in the price
  • No deposits required

We work with the best cleaning equipment and solutions. Our cleaners are experienced and trustworthy. We will clean any kind of carpet and upholstery at excellent fixed prices. Our services are all implemented with natural, Prochem certified, and safe solutions.

To get a price estimate, contact our customer assistants. You can call 020 3404 2269 or send an online request. Often, a viewing is required so that you get a final price quote.

About our carpet cleaning Company

We are focused on serving commercial customers in London. Our services are pursuant to the needs and requirements of different business owners.

We know the importance of having impeccably clean carpets, mats and rugs in an office, hotel, clinic or other commercial premises. This is why we hire only vetted professional cleaners. We use the latest innovations in the cleaning industry for dirt and stain removal. We adhere only to natural and eco-friendly solutions which are safe for your clients and employees. The quality of our services is high and we offer them at competitive prices.

The one-off office carpet cleaning perfection

This service is a one-time deep cleaning of your carpets. Our cleaners will first inspect the entire carpeting of your office. The goal is to determine the best cleaning method and solution to be used. The cleaners will identify and assess any treatable stains and pre-treat them. The high traffic and soiled areas are also pre-treated with the proper solutions.

All the carpeting is thoroughly hoovered with powerful professional vacuum cleaners. After that, the cleaners will make a test on a small hidden area of the carpet. If the results are all right, the cleaner will proceed with the procedure. Depending on the type of carpeting, the cleaning can be either steam or dry.

Deep carpet cleaning for your business property

Synthetic and other durable carpets are most efficiently washed by steam cleaning. A professional machine sprays the solution in the form of steam deep into the carpet. After the carpet is shampooed, the same machine is used to rinse it off with clean water.

During the process, the cleaning machine extracts most of the water back into its reservoir. This means that only 3-4 hours are needed for the carpets to dry. For your convenience, the cleaners can use air moving systems to quicken the drying process.

More delicate carpets and rugs cannot be steam cleaned, so we use a dry cleaning method. We apply the dry detergent with a special machine that injects it deep inside the carpet. After that, the cleaner hoovers the carpet and eliminates both the detergent and the dirt. No drying time is required. This method is good for refreshing the fabrics but does not clean any tough stains.

The cleaners will deodorise your carpet or treat it with Scotchgard stain protection upon request.

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