How to Refresh and Brighten an Old Carpet?

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Most people do not bother to refresh their old carpets. They do not even notice that their carpet needs refreshing. But as years pass, the life of your carpet expires. How to bring it back to life? How to refresh its colours?

Clapham cleaning companies suggest a few easy ways to make your carpet look like new again. Here they are:

1. First of all clean the carpet thoroughly with a vacuum cleaner. You have to remove all the dust and dirt particles. Then mix a solution of one cup white vinegar and one teaspoon laundry detergent with two cups of water. Apply the solution with a sponge. Leave the carpet to dry well before you walk on it again.

2. To clean stains mix a solution of half cup white vinegar with two and a half cups water. If the stains are more persistent add some more vinegar. Scrub the solution into the carpet, let it dry and vacuum the carpet. When you are scrubbing the solution into the carpet, do it gently and in one direction only, so to preserve the carpet’s fibres undamaged.

3. Mix laundry detergent and a small amount of water and beat it well with a mixer until the suds become thick and creamy. Apply the cream to the carpet with a soft brush in the direction of the pile (not to damage it) and wipe up the dirty suds. Blot the carpet a couple of times with a clean cloth, that has been dipped in warm water and squeezed dry.

And remember, no matter how often you clean your carpet, no matter how hard you try to keep it fresh, you cannot remove all the dirt by yourself. The carpet might seem clean, but there is always more to be done. Everyone should use professional Clapham carpet cleaning services at least once a year, so to keep his carpet like new.

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