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How to Perfectly Clean your Screen

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When it comes to cleaning TV, computer or laptop screens there are some specifics you need to keep in mind in order avoiding damaging them and in order to efficiently get them nice and clean again.

Here is how to perfectly clean your screen and to keep it safe from streaks and permanent damage:

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Always unplug or remove the laptop batteries before cleaning. Water and electricity can cause shock and be very dangerous not only for the machine but for you. Wait for the TV to completely cool down before proceeding to clean it.

1. Dust the screen with a microfiber cloth


Always try to dry clean the screen first. But don’t use paper towels, tissues, napkins, toilet paper or anything as harsh. The only thing to use for cleaning your flat TV or computer screen is a soft microfiber cloth (preferably the one which came with the screen).

2. Act gently


Never apply too much pressure when cleaning. Excessive pressure can cause pixels of your LCD, laptop or big TV screen dying, which is irreparable.

3. Avoid chemical based cleaning solutions


Stay away from chemical based cleaning solutions, especially: ammonia, window cleaning solution, ethyl alcohol, ethyl acetate because they can remove the special coating on the screen and cause permanent damage and smudging.

If you need to use something apart from a dry microfiber cloth, then use purified (distilled) water only. Drop a few drops of it on the cloth and rub the screen in circular motion, covering area by area. You can use a cotton swab slightly dampened with distilled water to clean the corners of the screen, but be very careful that no moisture seeps into the frames and bezels.

4. Don’t spray water on the screen


Never spray neither chemicals nor pure water directly on the screen, because the liquid will seep through the frames of the TV and will ruin it. Don’t attempt to scratch off a stain with your fingernail or with a sharp object because you can cause permanent damage to the screen.

5. Get a screen protector


To protect your TV screen from accidental impact, as well as from dust and dirt build-up, you can purchase a screen protector. After cleaning your screen, make sure it is perfectly dry before plugging it in and turning it on again!

Regular and proper maintenance of your screen will not only improve your experience watching, playing, working or browsing, but will also ensure that your TV, laptop or monitor stays in good shape and functions for a longer time.