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How To Clean Gold And Silver Jewels

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The variety of materials and stones used to create jewels is quite wide. Knowing how to keep each one of them clean can save you lots of money in the future. However, you should know the little differences, which matter quite a lot. If you try to clean a certain metal with the wrong approach, you could damage it.


Gold jewelry


Cleaning gold jewelry is probably the easiest of them all. First off, you should soak it in a mix of warm water and mild detergent. Afterwards, proceed to scrub the gold with caution. Use gentle moves, since damage can occur very easily. If you are cleaning white gold, use extra gentleness. The outer stratum plating is fragile enough to come off from harder scrubbing. Strontium is what gives such gold the distinct white colour.

In such tasks, cleaners won’t be able to help, but they are stocked with knowledge, as any professional should be.

Silver jewelry


There is an old-fashioned way to clean silver jewelry. It consists of soaking it in gin, then rinsing and drying it off. Being not as effective as expected, this method has been replaced by a cheaper and better one.

Make a mix of

  • hot water
  • cleaning detergent
  • and a teaspoon of baking soda.


Put the silver in and boil the mixture. After this is done, remove the jewelry and let it go to a normal temperature. Rinse carefully, like professional cleaners do, dry it off with patting and proceed to polish the surface with a soft cloth. There are certain soft polish cloth types which can be used for cleaning metals.

Keep in mind, that silver is better kept in a good shape by being frequently worn. If you leave it sitting in a drawer, it will tarnish much faster!