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The Hottest Carpeting Trends

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Are carpets still a thing nowadays? What are the latest carpeting trends this year? Here are some answers and ideas for what type of carpet to choose when going shopping, provided by experts in carpet manufacturing, retail and design:


In general, with the growing awareness and striving toward a healthier lifestyle and environment, many people are opposed to placing carpets in their homes and other premises, due to the dust, dust mites and other bacteria and possibly harmful residues accumulated. On the other hand, there are people who cannot imagine their homes without carpets and rugs. So the attitude towards carpets is somewhat divided between love and hate for soft flooring.

So, are carpets still in?

Well, according to experts they are, although a huge increase of carpet sales is not expected this year, the market is increasing. The biggest boost in sales is seen in the area of carpet tiles for commercial, home and other business use. These are easy to install, they can be arranged in accordance to personal taste, and can cover just about any surface.

One tendency for 2017 is a growing demand for innovative and more durable materials for the carpets, and bold colours combined with neutral grey and taupe hues.

Another trend is the growing interest in recycled carpets, due to the growing environmental awareness of the global population. People prefer to purchase eco-friendly and recycled carpets as their way of helping our environment.

The cut and loop carpets from the 70’s and 80’s seem to be coming back into fashion. A newer tendency which has been growing in popularity in the market is the demand for frieze carpets (twist carpets).

Carpet tile rugs are the highest sought carpeting in the recent months. They are customizable, easily installed, and easily replaceable and are suitable for domestic and for commercial use.

As for the colours which are trending in the carpet and rug business this year, it seems that bolder colours and extreme dark or light colours are preferred by customers these days.  People are choosing them to place as a centerpiece in their home and office. Purple, orange and multi-coloured rugs are very popular in 2017. Of course, other people prefer a more classic style, which is why the sales of carpets in neutral tones are also showing a stable growth this year. So, grey and brown colours are still a thing, if you prefer more subtle carpeting for your interior.

No matter which type of carpet you get for your home, don’t forget that regular cleaning is very important part of keeping it fresh and beautiful!